Ina Maria jewellery are handcrafted in solid 18K yellow gold or 925 Sterling silver. Pieces in sterling silver are often oxidised to create a darker surface with more depth and structure.

All gemstones used are handpicked specifically for each individual piece. Some gems are rare and unique resulting in one-of-kind pieces that cannot be recreated. The gemstones in my collections vary in price, preciousness and hardness and are selected alone for their beauty and appearance. ​​I like to use different coloured gemstones such as sapphires, citrines, garnets, agates and different types of quarts. In my diamond pieces I primarily use top quality diamonds or natural champagne diamonds.

It is important to note that minor differences in the products may occur, as all jewellery is handmade. Certain pieces are recommended to try on prior to an order, as adjustments may be necessary. There may be minor variations from time to time, in regards to style, colour and description of the item on the web shop. The colour reproduction may also depend on your own screen and screen settings, which is why a 100% colour guarantee cannot be made.

If you have any questions regarding the materials do not hesitate to contact me.

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